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  • Tue. Jun 18th, 2024


PayPal: PayPal and Stripe are poised to aid Pakistan’s freelance community!

PayPal and Stripe:

On Monday, a senior official said that the Pakistan government is actively engaged in conversations with PayPal and Stripe, two significant payment gateways.

The goal is to make it easier for IT experts and freelancers to transfer their revenues to Pakistan.

This initiative is critical for Pakistani firms that provide IT services to global clients and individual freelancers, as the current services provided by these gateways do not permit fund transfers to Pakistan.

IT professionals and freelancers:

“The hardest issue for IT professionals and freelancers is bringing money into Pakistan.” As a result, companies such as PayPal, Stripe, and others are essential. We are chasing them and have filed a business case. Dr. Umar Saif, caretaker Federal Minister for IT and telecoms in Pakistan told Khaleej Times in an interview on the sidelines of the Gitex Global at Dubai World Trade Centre.

More than 6,000 local, regional, and international enterprises and start-ups will be presenting their products from October 16 to 20.

At Gitex, Pakistan is represented by over 27 companies and over 45 start-ups.

PayPal and Stripe to operate in the country.

The minister acknowledged the existence of regulatory compliance difficulties and stated his intention to address these issues in order for PayPal and Stripe to operate in the country.

He promised that significant progress would be made in this respect in the following weeks.

Pakistan has the world’s second-largest online freelancing:

Pakistan has the world’s second-largest online freelancing workforce, with around one million people.

Furthermore, the country produces 75,000 new IT graduates each year.

“Many industries hold their cash across the country because it is difficult for them to bring them in.” They rely on this liquidity to function effectively. As a result, we are attempting to enact legislation that will allow IT companies to keep 50% of their profits in US dollars in their bank accounts. “They will have online financial account methods to spend the funds,” said the minister.

Dr. Saif revealed that the government intends to grant interest-free loans to private-sector developers in order to boost support for freelancers.

These monies will be used to construct co-working facilities across the country that can accommodate up to 500,000 freelancers.

The minister also stated that Pakistan’s present IT sector workforce of 150,000 professionals has the potential to grow to 700,000.

Pakistan’s yearly IT exports:

Pakistan’s yearly IT exports currently total $2.6 billion, a figure that Dr. Saif feels has the potential to rise dramatically, maybe reaching $10 billion in the near future.

To encourage this expansion, Pakistan established the Special Technology Zones Authority, which is in charge of constructing IT zones.

Companies in these zones will receive tax and utility-related incentives to encourage exports.

These technology zones are intended to house technology enterprises, outsourcing organizations, startups, financial institutions, and real estate developers with the ability to build critical technology infrastructure.

“During 5-6 technology zones are in improvement, with 2-3 already operational.” These zones will benefit the country’s ecosystem while enhancing exports. Pakistan’s total exports are roughly $2.6 billion, with the potential to exceed $10 billion,” he added.

PayPal and Stripe are prepared to play an important role in assisting Pakistan’s freelance community, delivering various advantages to the country’s burgeoning pool of independent professionals. These two well-known online payment platforms have various benefits that might help freelancers and enterprises in Pakistan.

Global Availability:

PayPal and Stripe offer a global reach, allowing Pakistani freelancers to connect with clients and customers all around the world. This expands the market for their services and products.

Payment Processing Security:

PayPal and Stripe are both well-known for their stringent security measures. They protect transactions with encryption and fraud prevention features, offering freelancers and businesses peace of mind when handling money.

Simple Integration:

PayPal and Stripe provide simple integration solutions for websites and mobile applications. This makes it easier for freelancers and enterprises to accept payments online by simplifying the process of setting up payment gateways.

Currency Conversion:

These platforms offer currency conversion services, which are important for Pakistani freelancers who work with clients who utilise different currencies. This decreases the complexity of international transactions by simplifying the payment process.

Invoicing Simplified:

Both systems provide tools for preparing and sending invoices, simplifying the billing process for freelancers. This guarantees that payments are received in a timely and efficient manner.

Reduced Transaction Fees:

PayPal and Stripe frequently provide low transaction fees, which can be beneficial for freelancers trying to maximise their revenue. This can make a big difference, especially when working on many projects.

Enhanced trustworthiness:

Because many consumers and organizations trust PayPal and Stripe, offering the ability to pay through these platforms can boost Pakistani freelancers’ trustworthiness. It provides clients with an additional layer of trust.

Faster payouts:

PayPal and Stripe both offer faster access to payments. This is especially critical for freelancers who rely on timely payments to efficiently manage their finances.

Compliance and rules:

PayPal and Stripe are well-versed in international rules and compliance needs. Using their services can help Pakistani freelancers meet all legal and financial requirements.

Financial Inclusion:

Access to these platforms can encourage financial inclusion, allowing freelancers and enterprises in Pakistan to participate more fully in the global digital economy.

Finally, the integration of PayPal and Stripe into the Pakistani freelance economy is expected to be beneficial. It will not only make working with overseas clients easier for freelancers, but it will also contribute to the expansion and recognition of Pakistan’s freelancing community on a worldwide scale.


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