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  • Fri. Jun 14th, 2024


Difference between Forbes magazine and Dawn magazine


May 19, 2024

Forbes and Dawn are two distinct magazines with different focuses, audiences, and origins.

Forbes Magazine    

Origin and Focus:

Foundation and History: Forbes is an American business magazine founded in 1917 by B.C. Forbes. It is known for its in-depth coverage of business, finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Content: The magazine is famous for its lists and rankings, such as the Forbes 400 (list of the richest Americans) and the Forbes Global 2000 (list of the world’s largest public companies). It features articles on various industries, investment strategies, market trends, and profiles of business leaders and innovators.

Audience: Forbes targets professionals, investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are interested in financial news, economic analysis, and insights into the business world.

Global Reach: With various international editions and a robust online presence, Forbes caters to a global audience and often covers multinational corporations and global economic trends.

Dawn Magazine     

Origin and Focus:

Foundation and History: Dawn is a Pakistani English-language magazine and newspaper that began as a weekly publication in 1941. It was founded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the All-India Muslim League and the founder of Pakistan, with the aim of promoting the cause of the Pakistan Movement.

Content: Dawn covers a wide range of topics, including politics, social issues, culture, literature, and current affairs. It is known for its thorough reporting and analysis on both national and international news.

Audience: The magazine appeals to a broad readership in Pakistan and the South Asian region, including academics, policymakers, and general readers interested in comprehensive news coverage and insightful commentary.

Regional Influence: While Dawn has a global readership, its primary focus is on Pakistan and issues pertinent to South Asia, providing detailed insights into regional politics, social dynamics, and cultural trends.

Key Differences

Primary Focus:

Forbes: Primarily focuses on business, finance, and entrepreneurship on a global scale.

Dawn: Concentrates on news, politics, and social issues, with a particular emphasis on Pakistan and South Asia.


Forbes: Targets business professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Dawn: Appeals to a more general audience, including those interested in politics, culture, and regional news.

Content Style:

Forbes: Known for its rankings and lists, detailed articles on market trends, and profiles of influential business figures.

Dawn: Known for its in-depth news reporting, political analysis, and coverage of social and cultural issues.

Geographical Focus:

Forbes: Global perspective with significant attention to the U.S. market.

Dawn: Regional perspective with a primary focus on Pakistan and South Asia.

Publication Type:

Forbes: Primarily a business magazine with extensive digital content.

Dawn: Started as a newspaper, with a weekly magazine edition that provides more detailed analyses and features.


Forbes and Dawn serve different purposes and audiences, reflecting their distinct origins and editorial focuses. Forbes is a premier source for business and financial news with a global outlook, while Dawn is a cornerstone of Pakistani journalism, offering comprehensive coverage of regional and international news with a focus on political and social issues.


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